Family Appeals for Help After Son is Killed in Dubai

A family from Nakuru County was left shocked after learning about the death of their 28-year-old son in Dubai.

Speaking to the media on Monday, the family revealed that they learned about the death of their son on TikTok with no information relayed to them by the authorities.

The mother added that they were shown photos of the incident by neighbours and friends. She added that her son was their only hope, revealing that the development has left them heartbroken.

“We do not know where to start, he was the hope of the family and he was working to support us. We ask the government for help,” the mother stated.

Meanwhile, Baraka’s father narrated the distress and agony the family has been in since the revelation of his son’s death last week.

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He stated the family reached out to the foreign authorities and they were informed that it would cost Ksh1.2 million to bring the body home for the burial.

“We are being told that our son’s body was still at the police station and was yet to be taken to the morgue,” he stated.

A plan to send a family member to Dubai was not feasible since they did not have a passport and the required funds to make the trip.

The family has resorted to asking for help from the public and other well-wishers to raise the funds.

They called upon the county Governor Susan Kihika to intervene and help bring their son’s body back home. The family had only managed to raise Ksh50,000 and needed a boost to organise a decent sendoff for the kin. 

Meanwhile, the family suspected that their son was killed by unknown people. However, no arrests had been made in connection with the incident.

The deceased was in Dubai for over one year before the unfortunate incident. His mother explained that he traveled looking for greener pastures only for him to return in a casket.

He is among the various cases of deaths involving Kenyans in the Gulf countries. The rising cases have forced the government to enact regulations to protect Kenyans traveling abroad for work.

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