Man Captured Jumping From 5-Floor Building in Mombasa

A disheartening incident occurred on Monday morning when a man in a towel was captured on video jumping from a window in a five-storey building in Mombasa County. 

In the video recorded by residents, the man was seen standing on the window, with people shouting and urging him not to jump.

Despite their pleas, he jumped and landed on vehicles parked outside the building, creating a loud thud before falling onto the tarmacked road. 

A photo of police at a past crime scene



By the time of publishing this article, it was still unclear whether the man lost his life to the fall. The police were also yet to comment on the matter.

“Did that man jump from the building?” one of the passersby could be heard asking in the video. 

Meanwhile, residents in the building gazed down from their balconies in shock as they witnessed the man lying on the ground. 

The unfortunate incident comes at a time when Kenyans have expressed concern over the rising number of suicide cases in the country.

On Sunday, a suicide case was reported after a woman jumped from her third-floor apartment balcony in Lang’ata.

Similarly in August 2023, an engineering student from Mwembe Tayari in Mombasa County set himself on fire as a desperate response to the harsh economic conditions. 

The distressing act was captured on video, showing him pouring a flammable substance on his body before igniting a matchbox.

Although he was rescued by the public and the fire put out, he succumbed to severe injuries a day later.

Counsellors, medics, and psychologists advise that you can always reach out for help when experiencing any mental health issue. Call the Kenya Red Cross toll-free hotline, 1199, for support.

A photo of motorists using two lanes to access the Mombasa CBD from Buxton



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