Retired Embu Archdeacon Killed in His Home

A retired Archdeacon, of the National Independent Church of Africa (N.I.C.A) was killed in his home in Kathande, Runyejes Constituency, Embu County on Monday evening.

The Archdeacon, according to multiple reports, was accosted by thugs in his house at around 9 pm and killed him on the spot. 

It was alleged that the Archdeacon was hit using a blunt object, where he sustained injuries resulting in his death.

His wife and an employee who had accompanied him home survived but incurred critical injuries. 

A photo collage of two police cars

The two were rushed to the Embu Level 5 Hospital where they received first aid treatment before they were admitted. 

Police from Kianjakoma Police Station, later on, arrived at the home and cordoned off the area as investigations into his demise began.  

The detectives hoped to unravel the motive of the attack and whether the assailants had alibis. 

Residents of the area who were left in shock, by the Monday night attack, called upon the authorities to arrest the attackers and enhance security in the region. 

Police have yet to release a statement on the incident which occurred an increased rate of homicides recorded in the country in the last two days. 

On Sunday, a woman was butchered, and dismembered before her remains were dumped into dustbin bags in a Roysambu, Nairobi. 

A few days earlier, on January 3, model, influencer and businesswoman Starlet Wahu was also killed at an apartment in the South B. John Matara, a suspected serial sex offender, was arrested and detained by the police who accused him of the murder. 

A photo collage of Kitengela Police car outside the scene of the crime on Friday, April 21, 2023.


Jackline Ruguru

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