Ruto to Hold Meeting With Speakers, CJ Martha Koome to Solve Executive vs Judiciary Stalemate

President William Ruto has agreed to hold talks with Chief Justice Martha Koome and the two Speakers of Parliament following the sustained attacks on the Judiciary in the past two weeks.

Speaking during the commissioning of Tinderet Integrated Technical and Trainers College, Nandi County on Tuesday, Ruto explained that dialogue was necessary to rid the Judiciary of what he described as a few ‘corrupt’ individuals who he claimed have kept disrupting the country’s development.

“I agree with what CJ says about dialogue and we must have a conversation about corruption and we will not allow graft to impede our development,” the Head of State remarked.

Chief Justice Martha Koome delivering a public lecture at the University of Nairobi on November 15, 2023.



“This is the year we will sort out corruption in Kenya. Let me tell you CJ, I am ready to hold a meeting between the leadership of the Executive, Judiciary, and Legislature. I am ready for the conversation on how we will deal with corruption because it is sabotaging the progress and potential of Kenya.”

The President also noted that the conversation should encompass all relevant stakeholders.

“I am going to lead from the front in that conversation so that we can deal with the corrupt who go to court to escape justice and stall government operations. They want to hold the system hostage by bribing the Judiciary through hiring expensive lawyers and derailing the progress,” he noted.

“I’m confident that we will have that conversation.”

On Monday, CJ Koome called for a meeting with Ruto to discuss the issues he has raised in the past weeks over alleged corruption in the Judiciary.

CJ Koome’s response was prompted by a barrage of attacks against the Judiciary by the Kenya Kwanza leadership, particularly a declaration by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua where he announced he will be filing a petition to remove Justice Esther Maina this Thursday over alleged gross misconduct.

The Chief Justice confirmed that she was committed to addressing any cases of misconduct against any judicial officer in her capacity as the Chairperson of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

“I urge our politicians to stop discussing live matters in public to allow the judges to engage with the matters objectively. If somebody is dissatisfied, follow the appeal,” she stated in a press briefing outside the Supreme Court. 

President Ruto at a Police pass out ceremony in Kiganjo on January 10, 2023


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