Laikipia Man Strikes Sister to Death With Hammer Over Ksh 2,000

Residents of the Tigithi area in Laikipia County have been left in shock after a brother smashed his elder sister to death with a hammer. 

The 45-year-old got into an argument with the 49-year-old woman, over Ksh2000 Inua Jamii funds, distributed by the government to support the elderly. 

The situation escalated after the woman questioned the whereabouts of the money meant to support their ailing elderly mother. 

“I told him to solve the matter peacefully, but he pulled her and hit her on the head, and she fell,” a witness narrated. 

A police land cruiser during a past crime scene



The sister sustained major injuries from the assault and was rushed to Narumoro Level Four Hospital for treatment. 

The doctors pronounced her dead after efforts to manage the extensive injuries proved futile. 

The assailant, who was also the primary caregiver for the mother, surrendered himself to the Matania police station after the incident.  

“He holds onto his mother’s ATM card and National Identification card (ID) to help her manage finances as she is ill,” a neighbour noted. 

Tigithi location chief Wilson Thuo confirmed the incident, adding that police officers from the area had launched an investigation into the matter to ascertain the events leading to the incident. 

Thuo further advised residents to report such matters to relevant authorities if they can’t resolve them at home.

“No reports are being made regarding issues in the area, they solve them by themselves which results in such cases,”

“We can’t blame the leaders if they are not aware of what is happening in the home,” he stated. 

An image of a team of police officers arriving at a crime scene in Nairobi on December 8, 2021.

Photo: DCI

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