Larry Madowo Exposes Magazine Demanding Ksh 900K to Rank Him Among Society Change Makers

CNN International Correspondent Larry Madowo, on Thursday, exposed a well-orchestrated scheme by a multinational organisation which he alleged was aimed at scamming him of his hard-earned money. 

The award-winning journalist claimed he had been selected to feature among Europe, Middle East, and Africa’s (EMEA) 10 Most Significant Leaders to Follow in 2024 or what can best be termed as the Most Inspiring Black Corporate Leaders Making a Difference in 2024.

However, to get his name to appear on the list, the publication allegedly demanded he pay Ksh900,000 (USD6,000), which was to be broken down as follows; USD3500 as a participation fee, and USD2500 to feature on the cover page.

“I’m excited to announce that I’m among “EMEA’s 10 Most Significant Leaders to Follow in 2024” or “The 10 Most Inspiring Black Corporate Leaders Making a Difference, 2024″ Whichever I can pay for,” Larry Madowo remarked.

CNN Journalist Larry Madowo and Nigerian singer Davido during an interview.


Larry Madowo

According to the magazine, the edition would focus specifically on black corporate leaders in business who have kept their companies at a constant pace and consistently performing beyond praise levels through the times of the pandemic. 

“We are working on our highly anticipated New Year edition! Our Editorial Team would like to feature Larry Madowo for the Cover story of the upcoming edition titled as. “EMEA’s 10 Most Significant Leaders to Follow in 2024,” claimed the global magazine.

“We, being a media publication, take the privilege of identifying such individuals and revealing their success stories in front of potential business leaders.” 

The media company also claimed they would provide Larry Madowo with the editorial and promotional package so that he receives maximum visibility and a remarkable return on his investments.

“The benefits of the Cover Story feature are as follows Nominal Sponsorship USD2500,” the company noted.

Besides featuring on the magazine’s cover page, the publication further vowed to make a six-page profile in print and an online piece to exhibit his success story, viewpoints, goals, and achievements along with his picture on the pages.

Madowo would also be issued with a framed and digital certificate of honour for his participation in the edition.

Even so, Madowo dismissed the offer, terming it as a scam aimed at exploiting people through fake recognitions.

“To be clear, these are scams that exploit people’s need for recognition, just like fake honorary degrees,” Madowo noted.

“So if you have $3,500 lying around, please send it to me so I can pay to appear in a fake magazine,” Madowo jokingly commented.

The Magazine was yet to respond to Larry Madowo’s allegations. 

CNN Journalist Larry Madowo (left) receiving signed pair of shoe from marathon icon Eliud Kipchoge on September 27, 2023


Larry Madowo

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