Man Praised for Stitching Daughter’s Skirt During Form One Admission

A father on Wednesday warmed the hearts of Kenyans after being depicted stitching his daughter’s skirt inside a school compound during the ongoing form one admission, in an attempt to prepare her and make sure she was adequately prepared to transition to the next stage of her educational life.

The video which did rounds on social media for the better part of the day was shared extensively with most Kenyans expressing their appreciation for the dad who they observed demonstrated good parenting and actively being present in his daughter’s life.

In particular, what mesmerised Kenyans was the student’s reactions who appeared to be overwhelmed with emotions, smiling as her father stitched the skirt.

“I am a dad and this makes me so happy. This is what we call being responsible,” one person commented.

A collage of a father stitching his daughter’s skirt

The incident sparked a feeling of nostalgia amongst Kenyans who reminisced their priceless memories with their fathers while growing up.

“My dad was strong and tough yet gentle to us as kids. He worked hard and long hours to keep us in our home. He was honest and taught us that our word was our bond and never disappoint yourself,” one person stated.

Others pointed out the strong bond between fathers and daughters never dies and grows from childhood to adult life.

Additionally, Kenyans advised the student to make her father proud by performing well in school and keeping off bad vices in society.

In the Kenyan society, such moments are priceless. This particular one was timely as it helped take Kenyans’ minds off the tough times they are currently experiencing due to the economic situation in the country.

In another instance in May last year, a teacher was also praised for mending a pupil’s torn uniform in Narok County. The teacher gave the student a white sheet to cover herself as she mended the apparel.

The action warmed the hearts of well-wishers who gifted the pupil school supplies including uniforms, shoes, and shopping. 

The duo also bagged a trip to Mombasa from a travel agency.

A photo of a teacher mending a student’s uniform inside a classroom shared by Mike Mbuvi Sonko on Tuesday, May 9, 2023


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