Concerns as KeNHA Charges Overloaded Vehicle Ksh46 Million Fine

Kenyans have raised concerns after the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) charged a motorist a Ksh46 million fine for overloading. 

The vehicle bound for Nairobi was ferrying from Machakos on Thursday when it was flagged at the Athi River weighbridge. 

According to the invoice document seen by, the transporter was fined Ksh46,898,643 as overload fees.

Speaking to, the vehicle’s driver confirmed that the vehicle exceeded the weight limit by 27 tonnes.

A photo of a section of the Mariakani weighbridge


He further noted that the fine was charged for 25 tonnes only since he is allowed a two-tonne margin in excess load for being a member of a transporter Sacco. 

However, he lamented that the fine charged was exorbitant and that KeNHA did not explain how the totals amounted to the huge cost

“The vehicle itself is worth Ksh13 Million, how should I raise a fine of Ksh46 Million?” The transporter asked.  

A section of Kenyans also questioned the amount with others raising doubts towards its legitimacy. 

“I doubt this one, how on earth you can be charged more than the cost of your tipper? It doesn’t work,” a Facebook user on a transport page lamented. 

On the other hand, others supported KeNHA’s move citing that the driver should have maintained the load limit, as roads are costly to construct and maintain.

“They are charging the cost of building the road and not the lorry or cargo cost,” one comment read.

Kenya Transporters Association provides rates for the maximum loads for trucks allowed and fines to be charged within the East African Community (EAC).

According to the rates provided the amount charged for an excess of 25,000 Kilograms (25 tonnes) is Ksh18,222,32 million (USD 112,483.50) based on the current exchange rate.

Efforts to reach KeNHA for a response at the time of the publication were unsuccessful.  

A section of Mombasa Road near the Capital Center in Nairobi.



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