Drivers Demand NTSA Disbandment Over Bus That Killed 15 on Nakuru-Eldoret Highway

Members of the Long Distance Drivers and Conductors Association (LODDCA) have demanded the disbandment of the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) over inaction after the Classics Kings of Congo bus accident killed 15 along the Nakuru-Eldoret Highway.

Speaking to on Thursday, LODDCA Chairman Elijah Nyaga claimed that the authority had not taken action against the bus company or its management.

He argued that in other instances, an accident of that magnitude leads to the suspension of the company until investigations are completed.

“We are calling for the disbandment of NTSA top management reasons being, up to now, they have not taken action against the bus company whereas it is a foreign bus company,” he stated.

15 People perished in a fatal road accident at Twin Bridge along Nakuru-Eldoret Highway on Tuesday morning, January 9, 2024



“We know when a Kenyan bus company happens to have such kind of accident, they usually take immediate action of suspending the company.”

Nyaga further lamented that the authority had not acted on a list of companies the association forwarded to them accused of bad practices within the sector.

“We have brought a number of issues to them concerning some of these rogue companies and how they are not implementing the NTSA Act but the authority has not taken action,” he added.

In a press statement dated January 18, the association further claimed that the company was working to remove the bus from the station hence tampering with evidence.

The case, however, is still ongoing at Molo Law Courts while the driver of the ill-fated bus remains in police custody.

“LODDCA urgently calls upon the National Police Service to resist any attempts to release the bus wreckage until the case is heard in court,” read the statement in part.

“The preservation of this crucial evidence is paramount to ensuring a fair and just legal process. We expect the authorities to uphold the law and prevent any interference that could compromise the investigation.”

The accident, which occurred along the Nakuru-Eldoret Highway on Tuesday, January 9, involving the bus and a matatu, led to the death of 15 people.

The National Police Service (NPS) stated that the accident occurred at around 2:45 am in the Twin Bridge area, Nakuru County.

A joint National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) – National Police Service (NPS) road safety enforcement exercise kicked off across the Country on December 1, 2023.



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