Kenyan in US Charged With Murder of Delivery Man

A Kenyan man in Fort Worth, Texas, has been charged with murder after he was accused of attacking and killing a delivery man with firewood.

According to a report filed by police from Texas, the naked 27-year-old identified as CO attacked 51-year-old SJ who was delivering firewood to a residence in Texas.

The homeowner, narrated the strange incident, alleging that the assailant approached them while they were offloading the firewood from the truck and asked them to leave, claiming they were trespassing on his property. 

CO then hit the delivery man with a piece of wood, before chasing the homeowner, who luckily fled and sought refuge in his house. 

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Fort Worth Police

The homeowner watched as CO went back to the driver, who was lying on the ground, and beat him to death with a piece of wood from the truck. 

He then proceeded back to his Airbnb room along the same street and tried breaking into a room adjacent to that he had booked, which at the time was occupied by a woman. 

Police who responded to frantic calls by the woman stated that CO was noncompliant and aggressive toward them. They had to use a Taser to pin him down before arrest. 

Residents in the area told the investigating police that the Kenyan man had just moved into an Airbnb a day before the murder happened. 

The victim’s daughter, who lived with him at White Settlement informed his boyfriend that her father was missing after he failed to return home that day.

“I remember telling my boyfriend that something was wrong, and my dad always calls me,” the daughter stated. 

“I will never be able to call my dad again or see him, I hope justice will be served,” she added. 

An arrest warrant affidavit showed that CO, who had previous criminal records including evading arrest, was at one time accused of holding a security guard at gunpoint. 

Pistols and ammunitions recovered from a robbery suspect by DCI officers on June 28, 2023.




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