Netherlands Leads Top 6 Countries That Earned Kenyan Farmers Ksh 15B

A report by the Kenya Exports Branding Agency has revealed that six countries were the major destinations for Kenyan avocados, with the country earning over Ksh15 billion in 11 months.

In the report released on Thursday, The Netherlands was Kenya’s main trade partner in avocados with exports to the European country between January to November 2023 estimated to be worth Ksh5.9 billion.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) came in second with the exports during the period under review raking in an estimated at Ksh2.6 billion.

France and Spain followed as the third and fourth leading destinations at Ksh2.05 billion and Ksh1.9 billion respectively.

The fifth position was taken up by Turkey which earned an estimated Ksh1.5 billion.

On the other hand, the export agency noted that China was becoming a lucrative market for Kenya. Despite making an entry in 2023, avocado exports to the Asian nation were pegged to have netted an estimated Ksh1.1 billion.

“The demand for avocados remains steadfast, ensuring a secure market for the foreseeable future. Kenya is a significant player in avocado production, as evidenced by its top markets in terms of value from January to November 2023,” read the report in part.

Overall, Kenya is reported to have earned Ksh20 billion from avocado exports in 2023, an increase of over 30 per cent from the 2022 earnings.

Kenya exported close to 122 million kilos of avocados to the external market with a kilo averaging Ksh160.

According to the Avocado Society of Kenya, there are approximately 160,000 small-scale avocado farmers across the country.

Some of the leading avocado-producing counties in Kenya include; Muranga, Kisii, Nyari, Nakuru and Nandi. The production in the counties is credited to the environmental conditions.

“Our rich volcanic soil provides nutrients to the avocado trees and surrounding forests they act as a natural fertilizer, reducing the need for using agrochemicals in the orchards.

“In turn, the trees and forests provide stable and predictable temperatures, trapping moisture that reduces soil erosion,” Avocado Society of Kenya noted in its 2024 planner.

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