Ahmednasir the Grand Mullah Sues Supreme Court Judges at the East African Court of Justice

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi on Friday disclosed that he will seek legal redress against the Supreme Court at the East African Court of Justice in Arusha, Tanzania. 

Ahmednasir will be moving to the Tanzania-based court to appeal the Supreme Court’s decision barring him from ever appearing before it.

“I have instructed my lawyers to file a petition in the East African Court of Justice at Arusha to seek legal redress against Koome,” Ahmednasir noted.

“I will not waste time going to Koome’s courts,” the barrister also known as the Grand Mullah added. 

A collage of Chief Justice Martha Koome (right) and Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi (right)


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Ahmednasir who accused the apex court of corruption, however, did not disclose the timeline within which he will file his petition.

Nonetheless, he insisted that the Supreme Court failed to give him an audience to express his opposition to the matter.

“Second time in my 30 years of law career that the courts refused me audience for calling for the removal of some judges from the courts,” Ahmednasir claimed.

“The first time was in 2,000 when I was ejected from the court and told not to come back because I presented a paper at an annual conference calling for the reconstitution of the High Court and the Court of Appeal afresh.”

According to Ahmednasir, no other lawyer in the history of Kenya has ever been denied an audience for calling out corrupt and incompetent judges. The court thus set a precedent that he warned was contrary to the Constitution. 

On Thursday, January 18, the Supreme Court banned the renowned lawyer over what it termed as a consistent, distasteful habit of issuing controversial remarks against it and its judges on various media platforms including social media and broadcasts.

The Apex court in a two-page letter addressed to the senior counsel, also barred employees of the lawyer’s law firm from filing cases before it.

“Given the foregoing, it is the decision of this Court, that henceforth and from the date of this Communication, you shall have no audience before the Court, either by yourself, through an employee of your law firm, or any other person,” Letizia Muthoni Wachira, the Registrar of the Supreme Court noted in a statement.

Hon. Lady Justice Njoki Ndung’u and Hon Justice William Ouko hearing petitions at the Supreme Court on August 31, 2022


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