Govt Pressured to Hire Content Creator Sueh Owino for Tourism Role

Months after her epitomic rise to fame, a section of Kenyans have called for the government to hire content creator Sueh Owino for an ambassadorial role. 

Activist Boniface Mwangi took to his social platform, heaping praise for the creator’s ingenuity and craftiness in promoting her content.

He added that such unique content promotes Kenya’s culture globally, emphasising how the government should capitalise on the creator’s publicity to promote tourism. 

“Sueh is one of the remaining hunter-gatherers in East Africa. Owino Sueh can play a key role in promoting Kenyan cuisine to the world. Her approach to cooking reminds most of us of our grandmothers, and mothers’ food. Magical Kenya and Tourism Ministry hire her.”

A photo collage of content creator Sueh Owino using the pit barbecue method to cook for her family.


Sueh Owino

Mwangi also called for rugby veteran and self-taught chef, Dennis Ombachi and Owino to host a TV show that would promote travelling, camping and visiting the remote village. He advised the government to fund the venture.

“These two Owino Sueh and Dennis Ombachi deserve a foodie TV show that involves travelling, camping, and visiting remote villages to cook,” he noted.

“We can experience Kenya’s beauty through their eyes, and the food they cook. The show should be funded 100 per cent by Magical Kenya and Tourism Ministry.”

Several Kenyans also lauded Owino for her passion and for ensuring her content is unmatched on social media.

Others, however, expressed pessimism in the government opting for Owino, claiming that such opportunities are accorded to foreigners.

“They do not want to hear these brilliant ideas, but I’m all for it. Let’s sell Kenya through innovative ideas.”

“Instead of taking this advice, they will employ some foreign companies to market Kenya. It happened before,” read some comments online, with tweeps recalling how former Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala hired UK model Naomi Campbell as Kenya’s ambassador. 

Balala was further criticised for claiming that Kenyan and Mexican actress, Lupita Nyong’o was inaccessible. Lupita laughed off his remarks and opted to promote Tanzania’s tourism via her social media pages. 

In the past months, Owino has gained mass appeal among her fans following her traditional culinary exploits

From preparing a meal for her husband for 29 hours to cooking meat at a firepit outside her garden, the content garners an average of 2 million views on the TikTok platform. 

She has also partnered with Ombachi alias the roaming chef in creating unique content for their pages. Sueh Owino has yet to respond to on whether she would take up a government role. 

Content creators Sueh Owino (left) and Dennis Ombachi.


Sueh Owino

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