Rita Waeni Murder: Police Reveal How Killer Used Stone to Hide Head in Kiambaa

Kiambaa Sub County Police Commander Pius Mwanthi has disclosed that detectives recovered a stone concealed within clothing, purportedly used to wrap the head believed to belong to 20-year-old Rita Waeni. 

Speaking over the discovery that was made at the Kiambaa Dam on Sunday, the police boss explained that the killer might have used the stone to envelop the victim’s head, intending to ensure its submersion in the water.

However, since the head was discovered to be floating at the dam, the trick may not have worked out as planned by the killer.

The exact size of the stone used by the suspected killer is only known to the detectives at this point.

20-year-old JKUAT 3rd year student Rita Waeni Muendo was murdered in Roysambu on Sunday, January 14, 2024


On the other hand, it was noted that the head had signs of decomposition with detectives taking the discovery to the City Mortuary for further forensic analysis and identification.

“Upon arrival at the scene, they were able to retrieve the head, Further investigations at the scene showed that it was a human head that belonged to a female.

“It was decomposing. It was wrapped in a purple blouse and with it, we also found a stone. We believe that it was there so that it could sink. It was taken to the City Mortuary for further analysis,” the police boss stated.

On the other hand, residents in the area noted that the discovery was not a surprise to them given that several bodies had been dumped at the dam previously.

“This dam does not have enough security because it lacks a fence. There are people who even come to swim here. That needs to be addressed by the government,” one of the residents stated.

Meanwhile, police are still pursuing leads in the murder of the 20-year-old which occurred in Roysambu between January 13 – 14.

Government Chief Pathologist Johansen Oduor on Friday divulged that they had taken various samples from the deceased’s body to establish whether there was foreign DNA.

Of particular interest to the detectives are Waeni’s fingernails. Oduor indicated that the killer attempted to clip off her nails to prevent the police from discovering their DNA.

“We think probably by clipping the fingers off, the person was trying to hide the evidence so that we fail to get his DNA from this victim,” the pathologist stated.

Four Kenyans and a Nigerian are currently being held by police over the murder of the 20-year-old. While the four Kenyans were arraigned in court, the whereabouts of the Nigerian remain unknown.

A section of the entrance at DCI headquarters along Kiambu Road



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