How to Apply for Duplicate Logbooks From NTSA Through eCitizen Portal

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) on Monday published a step-by-step guide on how to apply for duplicate logbooks.

In a detailed guide, the body stated that the updated process falls in line with NTSA’s migration to the eCitizen platform as directed by President William Ruto who envisioned a single pay bill for all government services, a move he stated will streamline processes and stamp out corruption.

While Kenyans will be able to access NTSA services on eCitizen, motorists will be charged an extra Ksh50 as the service charge. They will also be required to fork out Ksh2,550 to access a duplicate logbook.

A screengrab of the eCitizen homepage with various services

Below is how to apply for the logbook through the eCitizen portal.

Motorists should log into their eCitizen account and select the NTSA service portal (new). In December last year, NTSA urged all motorists to verify their accounts to avoid being left out.

After accessing the portal, select motor vehicle services and click on view.

Proceed to the duplicate logbook option and click the next button. You will then select the reason you want the duplicate logbook.

You will then be required to attach the necessary documents in one Portable Document Format (PDF). Then select the logbook counter collection office of your preference.

Note that you will be required to attach some documents such as a police abstract, an affidavit, and a tape lift report.

To complete the process, you will enter the details of any person authorised to collect the logbook, then click search.

Next, scroll down and tick the declaration box then click preview and finally submit to pay for the duplicate logbook and click complete.

NTSA stated that all applications will be processed within three days from the day of application.

A fleet of NTSA-branded vehicles and the home page of eCitizen.



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