Citizen TV Actor Njoro Reveals How Stage Name Made Banks Cancel His Cheques

Papa Shirandula actor Kenneth Gichoya, who shot to national limelight for his supporting role as Njoroge in the Citizen TV comedy show has revealed how his stage name has become a nuisance when conducting business deals.

Speaking during a radio interview on Radio 47 on Thursday, the actor revealed that he is so popular for the stage name that the name grew on him, such that he would furnish brands looking to pay him for endorsement deals with the stage name, Michael Njoroge.

Given that his bank account was under his official name, the bank cheques would bounce forcing him to revert back, and ask them to write new cheques under his official name.

The actor added that pursuing a new cheque would then take months given the lengthy processes involved.

Former Papa Shirandula cast members pose for a photo in July 2021.

Jacky Vike

“It has cost me because there was a time when a cheque was written under Michael Njoroge and I had to go back to the company. Before you get in touch with the directors to redo it, it can take up to three months.

“In my first contract to promote a liquor brand, I wrote my name as Njoroge. Before the contract was stamped, the forms were returned to me and I was advised to write my official name in case payments were completed via cheque,” he stated.

Gichoya further revealed that he was considering adding his acting name to his ID given that it had also grown on him.

He credited the late Charles Bukeko (Papa Shirandula) for the stage name, detailing that the main character in the Citizen TV show was not only a mentor but also a father figure.

“Shirandula was like a prophet. The names he gave people stayed with them. Imagine Jalang’o, people got so used to it that they cannot even refer to him as Phelix Odiwuor. The same applied to Awinja (Jacky Vike), Otoyo (Kazungu Matano) and Wilbroda (Jacqueline Nyaminde).

“I am planning to have the names included in my ID. I cannot refuse to be called Njoroge. The name has grown in me until I can forget my actual name at times,” he stated. 

Formalisation of nicknames has been done by prominent Kenyans in the past such as Sonko (former Nairobi Governor Gideon Mbuvi) and Baba Yao (former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu).

Former governors Mike Mbuvi Sonko (Nairobi) and Ferdinand Waititu (Kiambu) share light moments on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, at the Milimani Law Courts.


Mike Sonko

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