Off-Duty Samburu Cop Overpowers Armed Gunman in Botched Robbery

Police officers attached to Archers Police Station in Samburu County have launched a manhunt for a gunman who held hostage four Probox occupants on Wednesday morning and demanded Ksh40,000 to release them.

According to a police report obtained by, the vehicle, whose occupants included three civilians and a police officer, was heading towards a shopping centre located in Samburu County when the incident happened.

The vehicle was reportedly ambushed by a masked gunman standing in the middle of the road who pointed his firearm at the direction of the vehicle signaling the car to stop.

A G3 rifle on display.


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The driver of the Probox heeded the gunman’s order and pulled up.

Minutes later, he ordered the occupants to alight and lie down. The occupants, including the police officer, complied with the demand, in a bid to not irritate the masked gunman who was armed with a G3 rifle.

The police report indicated that the gunman demanded Ksh10,000 each from the four occupants to spare their lives.

The masked man began searching every person to seize any valuable item. On searching the officer, the cop is reported to have gained hold of the rifle muzzle and began wrestling the gunman to gain control of the weapon.

A fight ensued between the two, with the officer overpowering the gunman who held his hands up, to show that he had surrendered.

The gunman however escaped towards a gulley in a nearby thicket. The officer attempted to shoot him with the rifle but missed as the firearm only had one bullet left in the chamber.

Officers from Archer’s Police Station and the multiagency team from Kalama rushed to the scene and recovered the firearm. The victims were escorted to the police station where they recorded statements.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the assailant managed to rob the officer of Ksh1,000 during the scuffle.

The G3 rifle and one spent cartridge were recovered at the scene.

“Efforts to pursue the suspect are ongoing by following the footprints,” read part of the police report.

A police station in Kenya in a photo dated 2021



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