Zablon Ndale Narrates Story Behind ‘Mzabibu’ Song Trending in TikTok and Instagram

Zablon Ndale, an artist based in Mombasa has explained the inspiration and story behind his song Mzabibu which has been trending on the TikTok social media platform.  

Speaking in a media interview on Friday, Ndale expressed his joy after seeing his song trending all over the country, almost 10 years after he released it. 

Translating bits of the song written in a Mijikenda dialect, the pastor noted that he was quoting the book of John where the Biblical Jesus is portrayed as a vine tree and Christians as the branches. 

“I was shocked, but I guess God’s timing is the best. Everyone from Christians to Muslims dancing to the song warms my heart,” Ndale stated. 

A collage of Kenyans participating in the ‘Mzabibu’ TikTok challenge.

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The artist further explained that the inspiration to write the song was drawn from his preparation of a Sunday service summon, recalling how he picked up a paper and pen and wrote some of the words in his local dialect to create a rhyme for the verse. 

“As an artist, inspiration can come when you are resting in bed, taking a shower, or when taking a walk,” he explained in the interview on Citizen TV

Ndale added that he learnt about the new trend while scrolling  TikTok and watching several videos of people dancing to the song. 

“I tried to explain to people using TikTok that I wrote the song, and afterwards people who knew me started reaching out,” he explained. 

He further added that he didn’t have any issues with the song trending in clubs and entertainment joints, as his goal was to preach God’s word to everyone. 

“I’m not shocked that the song is trending in clubs, as long as the message intended for God’s people gets to them, then I’m satisfied,” he stated

“Some of the moves are not very pleasing, but I understand it’s a trend, so it’s okay.” 

From Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa to Charlene Ruto, Kenyans have enjoyed the song with DJs even creating mash-ups and renditions. 

A collage of Gender Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa and Shirleen Ruto participating in the ‘Mzabibu’ TikTok challenge.

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