Activists Protesting Femicide Cases in CBD Heckle Esther Passaris [VIDEO]

Bodyguards attached to Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris whisked her away to safety after activists protesting rising femicide cases heckled her. 

The group which turned rowdy condemned the MP whom they accused of maintaining her silence amid the rising cases that saw women murdered across the country. 

“Where were you? Go home! Where were you!” The activists protested against the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) MP who had attempted to address them at Jevanjee Gardens. 

Passaris was also forced to climb down from a makeshift podium after the crowd blocked her from speaking. 

Attempts by the organisers to restore calm were futile, forcing Passaris to resort to joining the protesters in their walk instead. 

Meanwhile, her bodyguards who were keen on safety led her aside, to address the press a distance away from the podium.

Defending the rude interruption Passaris clarified that she understood where the crowd was coming from and that their anger was justified.

With this, she noted that she has been actively on the wall pushing for the protest and will even move the issue to parliament as a legislator.

“I actually suggested we give the petition to parliament it should be a national disaster,” Passaris stated.

The protest followed recent surges in the systematic killing of women and girls in general because of their gender.

According to recent data released by Africa Data Hub,12 women have been killed due to femicide in the last 24 days.

Nairobi, Kiambu and Nakuru counties have recorded the highest numbers of killings so far since 2016.

A photo of Kenya Sex Workers Association (KESWA) members protesting



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