Police Officers Arrested After Drinking Chang’aa With Jailed Suspects All Night

Police in Kisii have arrested two colleagues and two murder suspects accused of throwing a party at Rioma Police Station. 

The two officers were said to have been on duty at the police station on Thursday, January 25. 

After seeing off their colleagues, the duo reportedly brought out an unknown amount of alcohol to the reports and inquiries office where the party began. 

Later on, they took some of the remaining alcohol, suspected to be local brew Chang’aa, to the suspects who indulged to the point of losing their consciousness. 

Hazina residents demanding answers at a local station on Friday, March 24, 2023.


In an OB in possession of Kenyans.co.ke, the party turned wild, later on, as they sang and danced attracting the attention of other officers who responded swiftly and managed the situation. 

Police accused their colleague of laxity and threatening their security by partying with suspects accused of murder. 

“When another duty officer went to check on prisoners in cells, he found the prisoners drunk and unable to explain themselves. The two officers were equally drunk,” the police OB read while rendering to the suspects as prisoners. 

However, the duo were only detained pending the determination of their cases in court.

A suspect who did not participate in the merry-making helped the officers with investigations into the incident, giving an account of how the officers served his cellmates the drinks. 

The station’s OCS upon visiting the scene searched and recovered empty two-litre and quarter-litre bottles both with traces of the suspected local brew hidden in a cell toilet’s cistern. 

“The drunken officers and two prisoners were escorted to Kisii Police Station where alcohol level tests were done and all found positive,” the OB reads. 

In response to the test outcome, the OCS initiated disciplinary action against the two officers, as investigations into the incident continued

The OB did not detail whether the four suspects were arraigned in court on Friday. 

Kasarani Police Station in Nairobi County


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