Senator Khalwale Mourns Shamba Boy Killed by Bull at His Home

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has opened up on how his 47-year employee was killed by a bull which the lawmaker uses in bull fighting competitions.

Speaking during an interview with Vuuka FM, Khalwale stated that the employee who had been herding the bull for five years before the unfortunate incident was pierced to death at the senator’s home in Malinya, Kakamega County.

Explaining the incident, the senator stated that Kizito Moi Amukune, who has been working in his homestead for 24 years came home seemingly drunk.

Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale (carried) during a bullfighting competition in Kakamega.

“He came back after taking busaa which smells like molasses. The bull rushed towards him, attracted by the smell,” the senator stated.

According to Khalwale, Kizito could have possibly hit the bull in shock as it rushed towards him prompting the animal, used to fighting, to respond in self defence.

“He might have hit the animal in shock, making the bull react in defence as it usually does,” Khalwale added.

On approaching the man, he got shocked, ending up with a horn piercing through his neck.

“There is a horn that got him in the neck. That is what probably killed him,” the senator stated.

The bull named Inasio has hence been slaughtered in accordance with cultural traditions having led to the death of Khalwale’s worker.

“In keeping with our culture, I have today speared bull Inasio to death,” Khalwale stated in a post on his social media that was accompanied by a video of him speaking his last words to the bull.

Bullfighting is a cultural sport common in Western Kenya especially Kakamega county where people breed bulls for the purpose of fighting competitions.

Senator Bonny Khalwale, often referred to as the Bull-Fighter is fond of the culture of bullfighting which he promotes by offering money in the competitions and even keeps his own bulls that take part in these cultural competitions.

Cases of people getting injured or even killed by bulls in Kakamega have been reported in the past especially during bullfighting sessions.

Photo of a Bullfighting match in Kakamega



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