Kenyans Disappointed by 4,400 Foreign Jobs Govt Advertised in 2 Days

Several Kenyans were on Monday morning unimpressed by over 4,400 foreign jobs the State populated on its National Employment Authority Integrated Management System (NEAIMS).

The State, which vowed to link Kenyan jobseekers to international jobs, populated the portal with jobs on Sunday evening and early Monday morning.

Kenyans who rushed to the portal, however, expressed their disappointment after finding that a majority of the recruiting agencies were in search of housemaids to work in Saudi Arabia.

On Monday morning, Philinfo Global Limited announced that it was hiring 100 housemaids while Tasheel Travel Agency was in the market for 1,000 housemaids and 500 house drivers, all of whom are expected to work in the Middle East.

Kenyans queue at a past job interview.


Another agency, Talent Mine Agencies Limited, announced that it was seeking 1,000 housemaids, the same number advertised by Lipasama Global Agencies Limited.

On Sunday, TDM International Limited announced that it was hiring 850 housemaids.

Other listed jobs included security guards, general cleaners, drivers, housekeeping workers, home nurses, bus drivers and caregivers.

Unimpressed Kenyans immediately trolled the State accusing it of promising better jobs but delivering low cadre options.

Some even made fun of the listings arguing that they would rather continue working as academic writers, a gig that has increasingly tarnished Kenya’s name as aiding foreign learners to cheat in their academics.

“The government has decided they must eat the recruitment agencies’ monies,” joked one of the users.

“Direct message me if you can do academic writing,” advised another.

“You also saw the jobs? I was fuming but now I am easy,” joked another potential employee with a series of laughing emojis.

Previously, a number of Kenyans contracted to serve as housemaids in Saudi Arabia complained of mistreatment forcing the two governments to build safety nets.

President William Ruto, on the other hand, has been on a year-long global tour which he claimed was aimed at opening opportunities for Kenyans to work abroad.

Towards the end of last year, he revealed that his agreements would unlock up to 2 million jobs in several countries among them; Canada, Russia, Germany and France among others.

President William Ruto speaking to the traders of Buuri, Meru County on Thursday, January 25,2024.


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