Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro Reveals Childhood Struggles Motivated Interest in Education Projects

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro on Sunday January 28, narrated the reasons behind him supporting education and educational programs.

While attending Church service at St, Cecilia Kusa Catholic Church Parish in Nyakach, Kisumu County during a Family Day Celebration Mass, the member of parliament stated his childhood struggles played a key role in developing a passion for education projects.

According to Nyoro, his life with his father from a humble background was tough affirming only God and education provided a pathway to where he always wanted to be and shaped him into the person he is today.

With a carpenter for a father, the struggles of growing up in a poor household inspired the MP to work hard in school for a better future.

Ndindi Nyoro receiving a goat as a gift in Nyakach, Kisumu on Sunday January 28, 2024.


Ndindi Nyoro

“When you see me here in this nice suit, it is God who got me this far more so through education. My father was a carpenter,” the MP stated.

Nyoro stated that his father lived in Kiandutu in Thika, before revealing that their house was in a dilapidated state which made their life even harder.

“My father was living in Kiandutu in Thika which is like Kondele. On visiting my father’s house, I could see everything happening outside, not through a glass window, but because there were so many openings in the walls,” he added.

Further, Nyoro stated that his escape of that life was due to education, reiterating why it was important for children to get a better education for a better future.

“This tells you that through education many children just like I was, God can remember them through education and they will end up being successful for themselves and for the community,” he stated

The MP further highlighted the government’s agenda in promotion of education, adding that the budget and allocation committee on which he sits had allocated Ksh700B on education.

In regards to regional allocation of resources, Nyoro told the residents of Kisumu county that every Kenyan deserved  equal share of the national cake and President William Ruto was keen on serving all Kenyans equally without biases.

He added that all Kenyans had the right to traverse any part of the country and to pursue their current and future interests at will.

“This is our country. Despite our diverse ethnic orientation, we are all citizens by birth and so our unity is paramount,” Nyoro stated.

The MP who recently had been in a spat with the Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua over succession politics defended President William Ruto’s administration saying it was not biased in appropriation of the National Budget.

“I am a close friend of our President William Ruto. I want to assure you that our President considers all Kenyans equal,” Nyoro stated.

A file photo of President William Ruto with Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro at a past event in Muranga County.


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