West Ham Midfield Loanee Kalvin Philips Raves Over Kenya as Favourite Travel Destination

West Ham midfielder Kalvin Philips, currently on loan from Manchester City, has revealed Kenya is his favourite travel destination.

The England international made the revelation during a quickfire interview with West Ham’s internal media team on Friday as the star prepares himself to make his debut for the Hammers.

Philips affirmed that Kenya topped the list for him in terms of travel destinations when the question about his favourite holiday destinations was posed. 

“What is your favourite holiday destination?”, the interviewer asked him.

“Kenya”,  Phillips responded.

A collage photo of Tsavo national park and Kalvin Phillips shirt from the back.


Phillips visited Kenya in July 2022 for two weeks after completing  his move from former club Leeds to Manchester City.

During the visit, Phillips embarked on a Safari at Tsavo National Park while staying at a luxury camp within the expansive destination.

He also praised Kenya during his stay during which he was accompanied by his girlfriend.

“The past two weeks we travelled to Kenya on a Safari which was an experience I don’t think we will ever be able to top!! Me &my girlfriend absolutely love animals so having the chance to do our best David Attenborough is something we won’t ever forget, seeing these animals in the wild was unreal!,” Philips posted on his Instagram page.

Kalvin Phillips, completed his loan move to West Ham earlier this week after falling out of favour at the Etihad. Since signing for the Cityzens in July 2022, the England international has hardly had a look in and never established himself as a regular starter. 

Kenyans have celebrated the appraisal with some noting, “He has got a new fan just because he mentioned Kenya,” a Kenyan noted on X formerly Twitter

Kenya has been on the headlines as a top travel destination with the New York Times also mentioning the country as one of the top ten travel destinations.

However, some Kenyans have criticised the government and Magical Kenya for not capitalising on the positive Tourism PR brought about by Philips’ comment.

A photo of Kalvin Phillips and his girlfriend in Tsavo National Park, in 2022


Kalvin Phillips

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