Azimio Warns US Over Supporting Haiti Deployment

The Azimio Coalition on Tuesday, January 30, warned the United States against meddling in Kenya’s internal affairs.

In a statement read by NARC-Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua, the coalition in particular, accused the US of allegedly having a hand in the Kenya Kwanza administration’s decision to deploy police officers to Haiti.

Karua remarked that the US and other foreign powers should recognise that Kenya is a sovereign State that ought to operate independently and make its own decisions.

“We take note of the support expressed by the US government for the Ruto regime to appeal against the ruling on the deployment of police to Haiti,” Karua stated.

A photo of US President Joe Biden (left) and President William Ruto (right)


“It is our hope that all parties should respect the independence of the Judiciary and foreign interests should keep off our national affairs.”

Additionally, Azimio in its statement noted that it would fully stand for the rule of law and support the need for independence of the Judiciary. 

The statement was made days after the Executive faulted the Kenyan courts for blocking the deployment of 1,000 police officers to the troubled Caribbean nation. 

“To be clear, Article 240 does not mandate the Council to deploy police officers outside Kenya. Deployment should be as provided for in part 14 of the Act and only to a reciprocating country,” High Court Judge Justice Mwita ruled.

The High Court ruled that President William Ruto and the National Security Council did not have constitutional powers to deploy police officers outside Kenyan borders. 

Responding to the ruling, Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura remarked that the High Court had erred in its judgement noting that Kenya had previously deployed forces outside the country. 

In the statement, Karua further stated that Azimio would continue to agitate for the lowering of the cost of living. 

Karua stated that Kenyans were overwhelmed by Housing Levy and other taxes introduced by Ruto’s administration. 

President William Ruto addressing a crowd in Nakuru County on January 23, 2024


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