Man in Critical Condition After Being Thrown From Storey Nairobi Apartment

A man is fighting for his life at a  local hospital after he was reportedly thrown from a storey building along Naivasha Road in Nairobi. 

According to reports, the youthful victim was thrown off the seventh floor by a group of foreigners alleged to be of Nigerian descent after a disagreement ensued. 

His acquaintances who were privy to the matter claimed that the two parties differed while the victim was delivering a carpet to the foreigners.

Eyewitnesses further claimed that well-wishers rushed him to a nearby hospital for a medical emergency as he was bleeding from parts of his head.

A photo of police at a past crime scene



The victim was wearing a shirt soaked in blood and an inner garment. It was, however, not clear how he ended up half-dressed.

“He was a budding rapper but had to work at the neighbourhood carwash to be able to get money. I’m sceptical about posting the pictures of his dead body for obvious reasons,” one of his acquaintances who raised the alarm over his death claimed. 

Reports alleged that the case was filed at Satellite Police Station. Police and the apartment caretakers had yet to comment on the matter by the time of publishing this article. 

Kenyans have since called upon the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and other relevant authorities to intervene and apprehend any suspects involved in the case.

The incident comes in the wake of increased gruesome murders across the country. In the past month, over five women and men were brutally murdered and their bodies were dumped or left in rental houses and thickets. 

Suspects, in the cases of 20-year-old Rita Waeni and social media influencer, Starlet Wahu, were detained as investigations commenced into their murders. 

The government also ordered short-stay accommodation spaces to install fully functioning CCTV cameras and record identification details of all guests.

A photo of the Nigeria High Commission (NHC).



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