9 Water Agencies Revise Penalties for Water-Related Offences

Nine water companies have proposed hefty penalties for Kenyans committing various offences involving water use and connection.

In various notices published on Wednesday, the water companies proposed stiffer penalties for illegal water connections among other offences.

In the new proposal, illegal water connections for domestic use will attract a penalty of Ksh 30,000 up from the current Ksh15,000.

The nine companies behind the proposals include; Amatsi Water Services, Gatamathi Water & Sanitation, Gatanga Water & Sanitation, Kikuyu Water, Kitui Water & Sanitation, Murang’a West Water & Sanitation, Nithi Water & Sanitation, SIBO Water & Sanitation and Tachasis Water & Sanitation.

The Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company treatment facility.



In addition to the Ksh30,000 fine, Kenyans found to have made illegal water connections at their homes will have to pay for the bill incurred during the entire process.

On the other hand, companies, industries and construction sites face a penalty of Ksh100,000 for illegal connections.

Illegal sewer connections for homes will attract a Ksh30,000 fine while those for industries were proposed at Ksh100,000.

“Self-reconnection after the cut-off for non-payment will attract a Ksh5,000 fine and billing to be backdated from the date of cut-off,” read the notice in part.

Meanwhile, water connection fees were set at Ksh2,500 to Ksh15,000 depending on the pipe size.

Exhauster services, on the other hand, will be charged between Ksh4,000 to Ksh7,500.

It was explained that the new charges were informed by the need for the companies to run efficiently and connect more Kenyans to water services.

“The WSPs propose a tariff adjustment review to enable the water utilities to operate at full cost recovery for sustainable provision of water services and meet conditions necessary for improving service delivery which include among others, minor investments,” read the notice in part.

Kenyans who are served by the nine companies were therefore urged to submit their views on the new proposals that will be held across the country beginning February 21 – 26.

Public participation schedule for nine water companies.



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