Activist Boniface Mwangi Physically Confronts Man Who Allegedly Conned Him

Social-political activist Boniface Mwangi caused drama inside a Nairobi court on Thursday, after confronting a man who allegedly conned him Ksh1 million. 

The scuffle ensued when the activist started recording the man as he walked out of the court, and started shoving him before the man’s bodyguard intervened to stop him. 

In the video posted on his X platform, the activist could be heard telling people inside the court to avoid the man at all costs, alleging that the man was a scammer.

As the situation escalated, the guards at the court threatened to arrest Boniface, for causing a commotion in the court, asking him to leave the premises. 

Boniface Mwangi (white t-shirt) pictured during a protest in Nairobi.


“Arrest me for what, this man is a thief, I will come to court till the day he is jailed,” Boniface stated. 

The renowned activist then followed the accused and his bodyguard outside through the court’s parking lot, shouting at the top of his voice, claiming that the man stole from him. 

“You are a thief, you stole from me, and that is why you walking around with a bodyguard,” Mwangi accused following the two behind. 

The suspected con’s bodyguard shoved Mwangi’s camera away, warning him to stop with the drama. 

“So what? You better be careful,” the bodyguard warned. 

According to Boniface, he paid a deposit of Ksh1 million to the suspect which he stated was supposed to be payment for drilling a borehole. The suspect, according to Mwangi did not honour his end of the bargain

“After complaining and posting about him for 2 years, he was finally arrested. I told him l would be the last person he would ever con. He fears me so much that he comes to court with a bouncer. If you come across him, just know he is a thief,” he warned. 

Boniface Mwangi runs a social platform called Sema Ukweli, which he launched after a high number of people requested his help in solving justice-related issues

Activist Boniface Mwangi being arrested by police on October 19, 2017


Boniface Mwangi

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