DCI Reveals New Trick Car Thieves are Using to Lure Motorists

A Directorate of Criminal Investigations Officer (DCIO), from Machakos County, Nzioka Singi has on Thursday revealed a new trick that car thieves have been luring motorists.

According to Nzioka, the gang has been targeting Toyota Prados and Isuzu Pickups in their nefarious plans.

The thieves have been posing as customers looking for car hire services for a wedding in the area.

He further elaborated that the suspects would offer to pay extremely high prices for the services to lure the motorists.

A photo of two cars recovered by DCI officers on Friday January 26


DCI Kenya

“They hire these vehicles then pay them good money, and since you have been paid good money you tend to believe this is a good customer, yet it is a robber,” Nzioka stated.

The thieves would then direct motorists to a church where a wedding was organised, however, they would request motorists to collect a bridegroom from a different location.

Unsuspecting motorists would then proceed to abandoned buildings where they would meet a getaway car.

The gang would then take over the car while removing car trackers and taking the driver away in the getaway car.

In connection to the organised crime, four suspects were arraigned in court on Thursday February 1, over the theft of various cars across the country.

The suspects were charged with robbery violence, during the proceedings as they were armed with a gun.

DCI also confirmed having recovered two cars in Tanzania through the International Police (Interpol) which had been stolen.

On Saturday, six suspects were arrested over car theft in separate locations in possession of stolen cars as part of a nation-wide crackdown by DCI officers.

A photo of a car stolen along Thika Road on Monday, December 4, 2023


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