Matatu Driver Bleeds After Cop Hits on the Head With Handcuffs

A video of a driver profusely bleeding on the head after a traffic cop hit him with handcuffs has elicited mixed reactions online.

The agonised driver triggered the attention of passers-by who were forced to stand and watch the saga unfold.

While narrating the incident, he claimed that he was arrested by traffic officers who dragged him to a police station and accused him of stealing one of the cop’s phones and a gun. 

The driver refuted the allegation which he argued were trumped-up charges. It was then that an altercation ensued, prompting the officer to allegedly hit him on the head with handcuffs. 

A screengrab of a traffic cop reaching for a phone (left) and an injured driver (right) on Tuesday, October 31, 2023

“I went to the police station and they accused me of stealing a mobile phone and other items from the officer,” claimed the driver in the video sent to Sikika Safety by a concerned onlooker. 

“There are some people who captured him on video. He was walking while I was driving and indicated that I was going to leave. He ordered me to stop.”  

While expressing his frustrations over the incident, the driver urged the locals who had captured the event on their phones to share the clips online and help tame the officer.

However, it was yet to be established the exact location where the incident took place and from which police station the officer worked at the time of this report.  

The driver, further claimed that he could not access medical treatment due to a lack of enough funds. While protesting over the matter, the locals threatened to march towards the police station and confront the officer. 

In a similar incident three months ago, a police officer from Embakasi Police Station was captured in a heated altercation with a motorist on the Nairobi-Mombasa highway.

In the incident which happened on October 27 last year, the police officer could be seen sitting provocatively in the motorist’s car while the argument escalated. 

“The driver saw that and tried removing him, and that’s when the scuffle started. Mwaniki called for backup. The driver, the man on the video arguing with Mwaniki, ran away after more police officers arrived,” the passenger, who shared the story with Boniface Mwangi, alleged. 

“I was assaulted for recording this video, arrested and taken to Embakasi Police Station. Mwaniki said that the driver and l assaulted him and stole Ksh 10,000 shillings and that he would charge me with robbery with violence.”

Police officer spotted harassing a driver along Mombasa-Nairobi Highway on October 27, 2023



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