Motorists Reveal Tricks Thugs Use to Rob Car Owners on Major Highways at Night

The founder of Vision Lights, John Njoroge, shared a harrowing experience on Sunday involving suspected carjackers along the Southern Bypass.

While driving late at night on the highway, Njoroge noticed sacks and a carton obstructing the road. Additionally, he observed a group of four men standing on the side of the stretch.

Unaware of the impending danger, Njoroge recounted that one of the men walked towards the items on the road before returning to the roadside.

Concerned about the situation, he decided to swerve to avoid hitting either the obstruction or the men on the road. Njoroge manoeuvred avoiding colliding with the sacks, which he suspected were filled with stones.

Vehicles parked along Southern Bypass in Nairobi.



In his narration, Njoroge warned Kenyans about the trend, which he observed many Kenyans have been complaining about and raising the red flag about.

“I have seen the warning before on social media, but somehow you never expect it to happen to you. If you hit the sacks or carton, you naturally stop,’ he remarked.

This is among the tricks carjackers and thieves use to force motorists to stop before proceeding to rob them.

In some cases, the thieves hound the motorists out of the vehicles before fleeing with the car, leaving the owners stranded. 

“By the time you realise what just happened, the thugs pounce on you, take whatever they can from you and run. They can be violent,” Njoroge remarked.

Another tactic used by the thugs includes burglars throwing themselves in front of a vehicle pretending to be hurt in an attempt to prompt the driver out of the vehicle.

In a video which circulated online recently, a man was depicted throwing himself at a moving vehicle at night on Saturday, February 3.

The man then stood up and walked towards the car, however the driver did not stop.

Additionally, Kenyan motorists have warned others that some carjackers toss an egg on the windscreen to interfere with the driver’s vision.

In such cases, drivers are advised against wiping off the egg from the windscreen. The rationale behind this is that this will spread the egg across the entire windscreen and hinder the driver’s vision.

With such tactics becoming more prevalent, motorists have called upon the relevant authorities to act promptly.

A screengrab of a man throwing himself in front of a vehicle on February 3, 2024

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