Police Vehicle Exposed for Speeding on Wrong Lane at River Nithi Black Spot

An Administration Police vehicle was on Saturday, February 3, caught speeding on the wrong lane at the Nithi Bridge black spot in Tharaka Nithi County. 

In photos shared by whistleblowers, the vehicle was being driven down the steep slope stretching to the bridge, with a 14-seater matatu full of passengers, going uphill in the opposite direction. 

A section of Kenyans wondered why the pick up could not use the right lane which had less traffic too. Others condemned the police for failing to arrest their colleague but would have reined terror on any other motorist. 

“You can’t be arresting drivers for breaking traffic rules while you yourselves are breaking the same rules,”  the whistleblower criticised. 

A section of the road leading to Nithi Bridge in Tharaka Nithi.


“National Police Service (NPS), you can’t be preaching water and drinking wine,” he added, in the photo that was shared with Sikika Safety – a road safety authority. 

“I was there yesterday at the Nithi River. I didn’t like it,” G Bett added. 

A section of Kenyans online warned that the bridge had claimed many lives and it was unfortunate to see the police vehicle breaking the law. 

However, others denoted that the police have the right of way on any lane in cases of emergencies, similar to ambulances. 

The Nithi Bridge in Tharaka Nithi County is a known black spot, which has claimed many lives over the years. 

Recap of Fatal Accidents at Nithi Bridge 

On July 24, 2022, a modern coast bus headed to Mombasa from Maua plunged 40 metres into the river, killing 33 people, and leaving several others injured. 

The horrific accident which shook the nation was attributed to brake failure, with the driver veering off the road into the river. 

In 2021, five people died while four others were injured at the same spot after a truck collided with a 14-seater matatu.

Consequently, in 2019, four people died and 11 others were injured after a 14-seater matatu travelling from Nairobi collided with a lorry that was ferrying building blocks from Meru town to Chuka town 

Onlookers at the Nithi bridge where a Modern Coast bus veered off rolled several times before landing on the Nithi River bank.

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