Nairobi Among Cities With Highest Crime Rates Globally

Nairobi has been ranked 9th among African countries with the highest crime rates by a study conducted in January 2024.

The study which was conducted by Numbeo, ranked cities by their crime index for the start of 2024 based on the number of crimes reported.

According to the ranking, Nairobi emerged as the 9th unsafest city in Africa with a crime rating index of 59.2 and a safety index of 40.8.

Further, the ranking rated Nairobi as the 65th unsafest city in the world.

Suspected thieves stealing from a car parked outside a mall in Nairobi West, Nairobi


The crime rate is calculated as the number of offences per capita per year, Numbeo categorises crime levels as moderate (40-60), high (60-80), and very high (exceeding 80).

Based on the report, the city with the highest ranking in Africa in January 2024 was Pretoria with a very high ranking of 81.8.

Additionally, four more cities from South Africa ranked highly coming in as the 2nd-5th positions with the highest rankings in Africa.

Each of the cities had a higher than 70 Index, as listed, Durban (80.9), Johannesburg (80.7), Port Elizabeth (77.0), and Capetown (73.5).

The findings of the study also revealed that Sub-Saharan countries were the most affected by the high crime rates in comparison to other countries in Africa.

According to the listing, only one city from North Africa featured in the index, Casablanca – Morocco with a score of 54.4. The city was also ranked 93rd globally.

The Crime Research Centre data shows that the highest number of crimes reported in Kenya are burglary and housebreaking followed by stealing and muggings.

Additionally, car theft in Nairobi was reportedly the third-highest crime with a rating of 50.08 based on the index.


A screen grab of a vehicle being stolen at a mall in Kitengela on Saturday, January 27, 2024

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