Chief Magistrate in Thika Moved to Tears after Residents Honour Her

Chief Magistrate, Stella Atambo was moved to tears after residents surprised her on Tuesday morning at the Thika Law Courts.

In a first-of-its-kind gesture, the residents, comprised of artists, ambushed the Magistrate when she arrived for work at the car park awarding her with flowers.

The artists who composed a song in her honour performed for the judge as an early Valentine’s gift in recognition of her efforts.

According to Sue Kimani alias Waitherero, a former actress at Citizen TV, the judge had made tremendous changes in the Thika Court.

A file photo of Chief Magistrate Stella Atambo, during a court hearing


Further, the residents stated that the Magistrate was also instrumental in solving cases related to children’s justice, every Wednesday.

“I have partnered a lot with children’s homes in Thika and also had an issue at the small claims courts which led me to interact with the magistrate. We also heard many testimonials about her helping many people in their cases,” stated Sue Kimani.

Further, the residents praised the Magistrate’s dedication towards community activities and donations to children’s homes within the town.

While receiving the flowers, Magistrate Stella stated that she was pleasantly surprised and never expected such a gesture by virtue of her dispensing her duties.

“You know it is very hard for people in our profession to express themselves beyond work and when you’ve done your work, you just feel you’ve done your best and that’s it.  

“The lives that you touch there after you really don’t know,” stated Magistrate Atambo.

In 2022, the Magistrate launched a Court Annexed Mediation initiative that would facilitate talks in land cases and children maintenance cases.

Additionally, in 2022, the Magistrate was lauded for an initiative that aimed to educate the youth in legal matters within Thika. 

A photo of a section of the Thika Law Courts


Thika Law Courts


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