Youth Disqualified From Thika NYS Recruitment Over Tattoos

Youth in Thika expressed their disillusionment on Tuesday after being disqualified from joining the National Youth Service based on having body art.

According to the youth, they stated that their tattoos were the only reason why they failed to qualify for the recruitment exercise.

“I was unable to continue with the recruitment exercise as I was disqualified over having a tattoo. I had the tattoo done in high school and back then I didn’t view it as a big deal, stated one of the aspiring recruits.

He further stated that he regretted not having heeded his parent’s advice, conceding that the consequences of his actions were catching up to him.

Speaking to journalists, the young man also appealed to anyone with the know-how to remove tattoos to aid him in getting rid of the body art.

President William Ruto at the National Youth Service pass-out in Gilgil, Nakuru on December 8, 2023.



“Now I’m learning what our parents stated back then was true, I am appealing to anyone who can help me remove it,” stated the distraught youth.

However, besides disqualification based on body art, some town residents also cited that they had experienced challenges over differences in locations cited in the identification documents.

A youth leader in Thika also urged parents to guide their children while conducting national identification registration to avoid such costly errors.

The recruitment exercise which was scheduled to be held in Thika East and Thika West on February 5 and February 6 took place at the Thika Stadium.

However, leaders from the area also decried a low turnout for the recruitment exercise despite the populous town having over 100 slots allocated.

“Thika had 107 slots but the turnout was not very pleasing. Most of those who turned up were disqualified for among other things having tattoos on their hands, chests among other parts of the body, discrepancies in their national identification cards and low academic grades,” noted a youth leader.

NYS has been conducting recruitments for volunteers since Monday, following an announcement of vacancies.

NYS trainees during a pass-out parade.


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