How to Access 8 Firearm Licensing Services on eCitizen

The Ministry of Interior has issued a directive on how to access various firearm registration services through the eCitizen. 

Through the Firearm Licensing Board (FLB), the Ministry announced that the services have been moved to the e-platform, in compliance with the government’s directive on service payments for public institutions. 

According to a statement released on Tuesday, February 6, stakeholders will now apply for different licensing services through the government’s pay bill number 222222. 

“The Firearm Licensing Board (FLB) wishes to notify all its stakeholders that the institution has seamlessly integrated with the eCitizen platforms and payments will henceforth be channelled through the eCitizen gateway on Paybill 222222,” the notice reads. 

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To be a licensed firearm dealer or owner in Kenya, one is required to present a copy of the National Identification card (ID), and an up-to-date certificate of good conduct from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Other required documents are a psychiatric report from a renowned government health institution to prove the sanity of the applicant, a tax compliance certificate from the Kenta Revenue Authority (KRA) and a 6-months bank statement.

Step-by-Step Process 

First-time applicants are required to make applications in person at the Firearms Bureau, where one is required to book an appointment by filling in personal details, followed by the date and time. 

Through the eCitizen website, applicants are required to download application forms, and upon filling in the required information, deliver them to the police licensing officer of the area of residence. 

“Apply for our services and pay using mobile money. After completing the application, print the resulting document and get what you need at ease,” the board notes. 

FLB also notes that all firearms and ammunition should be stored in a secure place when not in use, and loss or theft should be reported to the nearest police station as soon as it is discovered.

In instances when the firearm holder changes their permanent address, a report should be made to the immediate licensing officer within 21 days. 

Some of the services offered include;

Firearm certificate registration, renewal of Firearm certificates, Firearm certificate card registration, Ballistics and variation registration, Temporary Permits to possess firearms, import/export permits , removal permits, and Firearm dealers permit registrations. 

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