Court Brings Forward Ruling Date in Jowie Irungu & Jacque Maribe Murder Case

The High Court has moved the ruling in the murder case against former Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe and Joseph Irungu alias Jowie from March 15, 2024, to tomorrow, February 9. 

Court officials stated that all the parties agreed for the judgment to be delivered on Friday at 9:00 am.

Maribe and Irungu, who are the main suspects in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani, will thus know whether they were found guilty or not. 

The ruling was initially set to be delivered last month but was postponed after Maribe failed to appear in court, citing illness. 

Former Citizen TV Journalist Jacque Maribe and Joseph Itrungu appearing in court on Tuesday, March 11, 2022.
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At the time, Justice Lady Grace Nzioka pushed the judgment and ordered all parties to be physically produced in court for the final verdict. 

“There’s no provision for virtual and if you tell me you’re unwell, I don’t know where you are. The integrity of the court proceedings must be observed. I would rather have an open court appearance,” Justice Nzioka explained on January 26, 2024. 

“I have taken time off the course from February 8 to March 8, 2024, to write judgments. I am willing to say that all parties are to be available for March 15, 2024. I will need adequate time to deliver this judgment,” she added. 

Kimani’s murder case has dragged in court since 2018, with Maribe and Jowie lined up as the main suspects. 

The prosecution, led by Gikuhi Gichuhi, argued that the findings from investigative officers revealed that the victim’s blood samples were found on Jowie’s clothes.

Further, Gikuhi argued that Jowie’s phone call records placed him at the crime scene on the night of the murder.

Defence lawyers, Professor Hassan Nandwa and Katwa Kigen disputed the argument and claimed that the prosecutor relied on circumstantial evidence. 

Lawyer Kigen, who represents Maribe, argued that no evidence linked the former Citizen TV news anchor to the murder. On the other hand, Professor Nandwa argued that the prosecution relied on a false theory to pin the murder on Jowie. 

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