Foreigners Raise Millions for Teenagers to do Charity Work in Kenya

Wellwishers on Wednesday raised over Ksh1 million towards a volunteering mission in Kenya involving 10 students from St Paul’s College in Dublin, Ireland.

The institution set up a fundraiser on the GoFundMe platform to raise funds needed to cover their travel expenses, support several schools in Kenya and facilitate the education of local students.

This will aid the foreigners’ quest to fully engage in the experience which they believe to be of incredible impact not just for the communities in Kenya but also for the students themselves.

The target set by the school is Ksh3 million and currently over Ksh1.098 million has been raised. 

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To realise this project, St Paul’s College has partnered with Vincentian Lay Missionaries in their immersion programme to make a difference in the Kenyan community.

According to the institution, the children are eager to make a positive impact and contribute to local communities such as Kamulu in Kenya.

An immersion programme is a project where students are engaged in a certain culture for a specified period to assist the learners in understanding different cultural situations and allow them to interact with people from diverse communities.

“Your generous support will assist in covering their travel expenses, supporting the school in Kenya, and facilitating the education of local students, allowing them to fully engage in this meaningful experience,” read part of the GoFundMe page.

“This year we are hoping to go back to East Africa to make a difference to young lives.”

In the notice, St Paul’s management encouraged wellwishers to continue pouring in their contributions before the project slated to occur this June.

“By supporting these students, you are not only helping them but also the community they will be serving. Every little bit helps, and we are immensely grateful for your contribution,” the notice read in part.

“Together, let’s make a difference and support these young changemakers on their journey to Kenya!”

A screenshot of the GoFundMe page.

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