2 New Passport Printing Machines to Arrive in 21 Days

The government dated February 29 as the deadline for the arrival of two new passport printing machines.

In a statement issued by the Government’s Spokesperson, Isaac Mwaura on Thursday, the machines have already been procured and are expected to arrive by the end of the month.

Further, he urged Kenyans to collect the 70,000 passports yet to be collected from the Immigration offices. 

He went on to assure Kenyans that there are 100,000 more passports in production currently.

Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura addressing the nation on February 1, 2024.


Isaac Mwaura

Notably, the government’s actions come at a time when Kenyans have been questioning the immigration department on the persistent delays in the issuance of the crucial document.

In 2023, the Interior Ministry Cabinet Secretary had reassured Kenyans that the government was sorting out the issue of breaking down machines and delays would no longer be experienced.

However, months later Kenyans lamented over the same issue with applicants expressing their dissatisfaction over the long wait times for the document.

In response, at the beginning of February this year, the government issued an update on the passport machines stating they had been procured.

Additionally, the statement which was expected to provide an update on the key milestones made by the government elaborated on the state gains made in the president’s recent visit to Japan.

Isaac Mwaura was keen to note that the government had also made gainful investment from the President’s state visit to Japan which was termed as the first meeting by a Kenyan head of state in 20 years.

He emphasised that Kenya secured Ksh45 billion for investment projects and Ksh15 billion for the Meru-wind project besides other projects such as the Isiolo Solar Energy plant among others.

Aside from the investment projects, the government also issued an update on the expected production of 72 million bags of fertilizer by 2027 as opposed to the 61 million bags produced in 2023.

A photo of the Kenyan Passport


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