World Largest Floating University Charging Ksh6 Million Per Semester Docks In Mombasa

The world’s largest floating University, World Odyssey, docked at the Port of Mombasa on Friday, February 9, marking its third visit to the Coastal city.

Popular by its nickname, “Semester at Sea,” the World’s Odyssey, which operates an academic voyage for students, will spend six days on Kenya’s coastline.

Odyssey, which docked with 763 passengers on board, 585 of whom are students, MV World Odyssey charges Ksh6 million per semester. 

“The students will visit institutions of higher learning for educational tours, conduct excursions around the city and visit various wildlife parks during their stay,” stated the Kenya Ports Authority while announcing its arrival.

World’s largest floating University, World Odyssey docks at the port of Mombasa on February 9, 2024


Kenya Ports Authority

Odyssey has a similar feel to a college or university and is designed to accommodate approximately 800 participants. It carries students around the world learning the histories of the countries they visit.

“The students are of mixed nationalities with one Kenyan student aboard. She sailed from India and will be visiting Mauritius as the next port of call,” KPA added.

Just like other institutions of higher learning, the ship has reception and administrative offices, where there is a welcoming reception desk area with around-the-clock crew presence as well as the Semester at Sea field programme and administrative staff.

It has nine classrooms, each with state-of-the-art technology to support learning plus a fitness space including an indoor gym.

Outside features include a spacious sun deck for recreational activities, including a basketball and a volleyball court. It also has a pool where passengers can enjoy swimming.

According to KPA, the floating campus had an extensive visit to the country calling the port last year and in 2022.

“Port of Mombasa has recorded an increase in cruise vessel calls pointing to improved connectivity of the port and a hub for cruise tourism in Africa,” the ports authority stated.

“Last week, the Port once again hosted; MSC Poesia one of the biggest cruise vessels to have called the port.”

A ship docking at the Port of Mombasa on January 11, 2024.


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