Motorists Arrested After Police-Drivers Standoff on Nairobi-Mombasa Highway

Three people were arrested and one is nursing injuries following a standoff between police officers and drivers of United Nations vehicles destined for Juba in South Sudan.

Reports indicate that the standoff ensued after the drivers protested a move by the police and government officials to seize the vehicles before they cleared the arrears.

While narrating the events, one of the drivers explained that they were ordered to park their vehicles along the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway.

Moments later, he alleged that the police roughed them up, ordering the motorists to surrender the vehicles.

A photo of police officer controlling traffic along Uhuru Highway in Nairobi.


The drivers, however, disputed the order, arguing that there was an existing court order that authorised the transportation of the vehicles.

“They beat us with clubs, while we were pleading with them. We informed them that the case is in court,” he claimed.

“They told us that the Commander was the law in these surroundings.”

Following the commotion, the officers arrested three of the motorists who defied their directive while one of the drivers who sustained dire injuries was rushed to hospital.

“They use force despite a court order. The officers claimed that they had a letter from the commissioner and we requested to see it but till now they are yet to produce the document,” another driver pointed out.

Asked for a comment by the media, the police declined to state the matter, stating that the taxman is currently handling the issue.

The incident brought into question whether police are entitled to use brute force when handling such matters.

In the past, the police service has been on the spot over corruption practices, abuse of power, abductions and murder of citizens with little fear of any consequences.

This prompted Kenyans to call upon the government to institute police reforms to better the police service. 

Motorists stranded along Mombasa Road after an accident

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