Motorists Warned of Unusual Transportation on Major Roads for 50 Days

Motorists have been cautioned about an abnormal traffic interruption on major highways for over 50 days.

In a notice published in local dailies by Sifa Investments Ltd, a transport & logistics company, motorists were notified about an abnormal load being transported from the Kenya Port Authority (KPA) offices in Mombasa to Malaba from February 8 to March 31.

Some of the highways to be affected include; the Nyeri-Nanyuki, Nakuru-Nyahururu, Eldoret-Nakuru and Webuye-Kitale and Bungoma-Malaba stretches.

Per the notice, the load will be ferried via the KPA-Kokotoni-Mariakani-Voi-Mtito-Kibwezi-Kitui-Thika-Karatina-Nyeri-Nanyuki-Nyahururu-Nakuru-Salgaa route.

Massive traffic on Nairobi Nakuru Highway on June 26, 2021.



It will then take the Molo to the Cheptiret route, then proceed through to Eldoret, Soi, Mois Bridge, Kitale, Webuye, and Bungoma before arriving in Malaba.

According to the notice, the abnormal load is 6.2 metres wide and 6.5 metres high. Due to the size, the driver will exercise special care while transporting it and overtaking.

“All users using this road are requested to exercise extra care and caution in the vicinity convoy from February 8, 2024, to March 31, 2024,” read part of the notice.

However, the company did not disclose the specific load being transported.

Typically, transport & logistics companies are known to ferry bulky loads such as; oils, petroleum products, general cargo, heavy steel, and containers, among other items. In the past few months, motorists have been cautioned about such abnormal transportation severally.

In November last year, DB Schenker, a transport logistics company, issued a traffic advisory to motorists following plans to transport a plane in Nairobi.

The plane was ferried from KQ in Embakasi to Pride Centre Kenya Airways College. Motorists were asked to keep their distance from the huge truck transporting the plane.

Additionally, motorists were urged to use alternative routes if possible to avoid inconveniences.

A jet fuselage stuck at City Cabanas overpass along Mombasa Road on Sunday, February 6, 2022.



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