2 More Die After Consuming Illicit Liquor in Kajiado

Two deaths were reported in Kajiado County on Friday and Sunday after residents consumed illicit brew in Kitengela Town.

The two separate incidents which occurred within a span of two days reveal that both individuals had consumed illicit liquor in separate liquor dens in the county.

Both individuals were reported to have lost their eyesight before experiencing organ failure and eventually passing away.

According to reports from the family members and doctors in both instances, both victims died of alcohol poisoning.

However, police reports have contradicted the passing away of one of the victims stating that he inhaled toxic fumes from a cleaning detergent.

According to the Isinya Sub-county Police commander, the authorities were yet to ascertain the cause of death for both victims, stating that the police were considering the detergent poisoning as a potential lead.

Angry Kirinyaga residents burn down liquor store suspected to be selling expired alcohol which killed 7 and rendered 5 blind on February 6, 2024


“We are interrogating one of the bar attendants who the deceased was last spotted with. The woman claims that she had bought a toilet washing detergent said to have been poisonous and the deceased allegedly smelt the same and later reported to have fallen ill. We are on high alert and investigations on all the raised concerns have been launched,’’ Patrick Manyasi noted.

Residents of the area have however accused the police of failing to deal with the matter, with them citing that the police were colluding  with alcohol sellers.

According to the residents, the police were accused of being in cahoots with the sellers, resulting in delayed action against them.

“Police have failed us as Kitengela residents on matters of illicit brew. They are working with the brewers and suppliers and take no action against joints operating illegally and beyond the stipulated time, stated a Kitengela resident.

The deaths come at a time the death toll of individuals who consumed illicit brew in  Kirinyaga has risen to 23.

In the Kirinyaga incident 5 more people were left blind after consuming the poisonous brew, which has now left a police station under probe after it was established that police officers sold an exhibit to the bar owner.

Kiamaciri police station in Mwea, Kirinyaga County.


Johnson Muriithi

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