Multimedia University Students Push for Confirmation of Acting Vice-Chancellor, Rosebella Maranga

Multimedia University students are currently pushing for the immediate confirmation of the institution’s Acting Vice Chancellor Rosebella Maranga by the Ministry of Education.

Speaking during a press conference, the students’ association body stated that Maranga deserved to be confirmed as she had served with distinction.

“Professor Rossebela Maranga embodies the qualities of a distinguished leader and manager, and her confirmation as Vice Chancellor presents Multimedia University with an opportunity to share in her expertise and vision,” read the statement in part.

Prof Rosebella Maranga was appointed by CS Ezekiel Machogu on January 17, this year.

A photo of the Acting Vice Chancellor, Multimedia University Rosebella Maranga

Multimedia University Students Association

Maranga was expected to serve in interim capacity for six months, the students now believe she deserves to hold the position on substantive basis.

According to the students association, the VC has served the university in various positions which gives her institutional memory and a head-start over potential competitors.

“Having served as DVC Administration, Finance and Planning, she has offered exemplary service to the university for 10 years and has an excellent relationship with the entire Multimedia University community, stated the students.

Further describing her as an exemplary leader, the students noted that “Prof Rosebella Maranga is a distinguished female leader amongst the “who is who’ in the world.”

Justifying their push to have Maranga confirmed, the students decried that parties opposing her confirmation were bound to take advantage of the situation to perpetuate mismanagement at the university.

“It is imperative that any opposing voices be disregarded as they only serve to perpetuate impunity, thievery, and mismanagement.

They further added that such actions would not be tolerated and they would take further action if their call for swift action was not taken into consideration.

“We will not tolerate any obstruction to the progress and development of our university,” noted the student’s body chairperson.

A photo of people standing outside the entrance at Multimedia University




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