DCI Arrests 7 Kapsirowa High School Students Over Dorm Fire


Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives in Cherangany, Trans Nzoia County on Tuesday arrested 7 students from Kapsirowa High School suspected of starting a fire that burnt down a dormitory.

The detectives were alerted of the situation by the school’s management, after which they proceeded to the institution and investigated the circumstances that led to the unrest which culminated in the fire.

DCI detectives have been investigating the matter since it took place on Saturday February 3. Out of the 7 arrested students, six are form two learners while one, suspected of being the mastermind, is a form three student.

“We have zeroed in on the seven before further action is taken. We have been working with the school management to ensure that we apprehend the culprits,” Cherangany OCPD Okumu Dullo told journalists.

Directorate of Criminal Investigation Headquarters in Kiambu.


Directorate of Criminal Investigations

Speaking while at the institution on Monday, Cherangany MP Patrick Simiyu did not mince his words and called upon authorities to hold the perpetrators fully responsible.

“The situation is unfortunate and brings shame to us. Those responsible for this, should face the full force of the law. The authorities should not show them mercy,” said Simiyu.

“We could be talking about something else if this happened at night and we want these students to face serious punishment for endangering the lives of their fellow students,” he added.

The legislator however, offered to support the students who lost property in the early morning fire

The MP seized the opportunity to call on parents to offer proper guidance to their children to avoid a repeat of the same in the future.

Speaking at the same forum, the chairperson of the school’s board of management Sam Kipchumba called for the expulsion of the perpetrators insisting that the institution should not allow a section of the students to bring a good-performing school down.

Kipchumba further issued a warning to  students against involvement in mischief that could jeopardise their futures.

It is expected that the seven students will be charged once investigations are completed.

A group of secondary students walking in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD).



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