Govt Commences Mandatory Vetting & Training of In-house Security Officers

The government through the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA) on Tuesday, February 13, ordered mandatory vetting of in-house security officers in all institutions of higher learning. 

According to PSRA, the nationwide vetting exercise will encompass public and private universities, colleges, polytechnics and vocational training centres. 

After vetting, the guards will further be subjected to mandatory training and thereafter successful candidates be licensed to continue working as in-house security officers. 

PSRA noted that the measures were necessitated by increased incidents of insecurity within and around the universities in Kenya. 

Several security guards during a training session


Heads of security and officers in charge of institutions of higher learning were reported to have already approved the vetting and training programs. 

This was agreed upon during a meeting with PSRA officials where different ways to ensure institutions of higher learning were safe and secure were deliberated. 

“The Government has commenced the mandatory nationwide security vetting, training and licensing of all in-house security officers employed in institutions of higher learning,” a statement from PSRA read in part. 

It was further noted that the vetting, training and subsequent licencing would be extended to contracted private security officers and all officers offering security services, be they employed by the said institutions or otherwise engaged as private security service providers. 

Before the commencement of the process, the Authority has organised a sensitisation forum at the Kenya School of Government slated for February 22. 

The forum will be facilitated fully by the National Government through the Ministry of Interior and is open free of charge to all security officers. 

PSRA has been advocating for streamlining of the private security sector including employee welfare. 

One of the proposals is to see registered security guards earn a minimum monthly wage of Ksh30,000. 

Security guards awarded Security Force Numbers in Uasin Gishu on Thursday, July 6, 2023.


Ministry of Interior

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