One Dies, 2 Go Blind in Kirinyaga Days After 17 Died After Consuming Illicit Brew


A 55-year-old man passed away, while two others went blind in Kirinyaga County on Wednesday after consuming illicit brew, in the same area where 17 people perished last week after taking what has now been billed as a killer brew.

In a tragic series of events, the three individuals exhibited the same symptoms as their counterparts in the previous incident which occurred at Kangai Village in Kirinyaga.

The three who consumed the brew were rushed to the Kandongu Dispensary on Wednesday in critical condition.

It is reported that the three spent Tuesday night consuming the illicit liquor at an unknown den in the village.

Boxes suspected to be containing conterfeit alcohol and fake stamps recovered by DCI in Kiambu and Nairobi counties on October 14,2023



Residents of the area stated that they had spoken to the man who succumbed to the symptoms,  inquiring about the whereabouts of the seller but he declined to answer.

According to the residents, the government has failed to curb the sale of the brew which has cost more than 15 people their lives in the same area.

“Since it was announced that people had died after taking this liquor, no action has been taken, how many people do you want us to bury?” A resident questioned.

The residents have also expressed their disapproval of the brew sellers, even after they torched down California bar which had sold the liquor to the victims of the Kangai incident.

It was also alleged that, the alcohol was sold to the distributor from Kiamaciri Police station, where it had been stored as an exhibit for a pending case.

Reports indicate that the distributor acquired the alcohol for Ksh20,000 from the police officers at the station.

This resulted in the arrest of four police officers, who were arraigned in court on Tuesday.

The officers have been detained pending investigations into the case.

Tharaka-Nithi Governor Muthomi Njuki leading a multi-agency team in raiding illicit brew during a past operation.



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