House moves to pass initial tranche of funding measures ahead of first deadline

House lawmakers will aim to clear a first group of six government funding measures on Wednesday afternoon, working to beat the first of two looming government shutdown deadlines.

The package will be considered under an expedited process known as suspension of the rules, requiring two-thirds of the chamber’s support. The bill tops out at 1,050 pages.

What to keep an eye on: Watch for how many Republicans Speaker Mike Johnson loses on the vote.

Conservatives panned the compromise package, trotted out by congressional leaders over the weekend. The House Freedom Caucus said in a statement that “House Republicans Strike Out” and that the package “surrenders Republicans’ leverage” for border security negotiations.

Assuming it passes, we’ll see how quickly the Senate can move to take up and pass the package. Friday is the first of the pair of shutdown deadlines, with the next coming March 22.

The upper chamber has a series of votes scheduled throughout the day on various long-delayed federal nominations, including Ronald Keohane’s to be an assistant secretary of Defense.

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