Washington waits for government funding text as deadline looms

On Congress’ iPhone, there’s still three dots floating, as Capitol Hill waits for the text.

It remains unclear precisely when bill text of the six-bill government funding agreement will be released, kicking off the 72-hour clock for House members to review the deal (a clock that could, theoretically, be waived).

Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), a senior appropriator, told reporters he didn’t think a short funding stopgap would be needed over the weekend, but “it really does depend on the House.”

He expressed confidence, though, that the measure would get through. “We’re not really known for doing the right thing. But maybe this time we will,” Tester said. “We’ve wasted enough taxpayer dollars with these [continuing resolutions].”

While we wait: Both chambers are in. The Senate will vote at noon and throughout the afternoon on judicial nominations. The House plans to vote in the afternoon on two energy measures: One barring the president from imposing a hydraulic fracking ban for oil and gas and another blocking royalty rate increases for oil companies drilling on public lands.

Off the floor, the House Oversight Committee holds a hearing on allegations of “influence peddling” by President Joe Biden at 10 a.m. And Senate Republicans will hold a special conference meeting to discuss the future of their leadership once current Minority Leader Mitch McConnell steps aside.

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