Vance sends a ‘wokeness’ questionnaire to State nominees

“If you are injecting your own personal politics in a way that harms American national security and diplomacy, that’s not fine,” Vance said in an interview. “The questions all try to get at those issues.” Vance said he’s recently lifted some holds after getting the filled-out questionnaires, but didn’t say which ones. He said he … Read more

Covid changed Newt Gingrich’s mind about health research funding

“It’s gone from being a sort of manageable system to a system that clearly is out of control,” Gingrich said of the government’s health-science grantmaking apparatus. “I think it deserves a substantial overhaul. And I don’t mind putting some financial pressure on it to start getting that overhaul. I don’t think we have an obligation … Read more

On immigration, terrorists and fentanyl, DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas has something to say

Mayorkas’s department is charged with preventing foreign and domestic terrorist attacks. It monitors threats from weapons of mass destruction, protects infrastructure and ensures we’re safe from cyber attacks. What many of DHS’s agencies do have in common is that you often don’t hear much about them unless something really bad has happened. So even if … Read more

Senate barrels toward final vote on defense bill, eyeing fight with the House

The Senate has so far sidestepped contentious debates on partisan personnel issues that could tank the bill, including the Pentagon’s abortion travel policy that has been bitterly opposed by Republicans. House Republicans, meanwhile, passed their defense bill largely along party lines this month after loading it with conservative proposals — including blocking the abortion policy, … Read more

Biden White House closely watching McConnell amid health scare

McConnell’s health scare — the Republican leader froze at the start of a press conference and was eventually ushered back to his office — was a reminder for Democrats of how fragile this governing bedrock can be. Having spent years as one of the party’s chief villains, McConnell, in the Biden era, has come to … Read more

Texas’ legislature isn’t helping with scorching heat, San Antonio’s mayor says

San Antonio leaders were considering an ordinance that would mandate water breaks, until the state legislation was passed. Now, the city is trying to “make sure that there’s a backstop to prevent the most vulnerable members, the workers in our community who deserve those basic things,” Nirenberg said, as the city grapples heat that’s caused … Read more